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SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is the most advanced automotive emission control system available today, which can be found in vehicles from the year 2014 and whose adoption is essential to meet the emission goals required by the EURO 6 standard.


The SCR treats and reduces NOx in the exhaust gases by converting them to nitrogen (N), water vapor (H20), and small amounts of CO2, using Urea compounds (AdBlue - aqueous solution of urea formed by 32,5% pure urea and 67,5% demineralized water) and without the generation of other undesirable by-products.


The SCR system is an efficient solution capable of reducing NOx emissions by about 90%.





The LNT consists of a system for treating pollutant gases from internal combustion engines, particularly NOx, and it is distinguished by the presence of high levels of Rhodium (Rh) due to this element's excellent performance in treating this harmful gas, along with a washcoat suitable for this type of technology.


In addition to performing the same functions as DOC, it also has the capacity to reduce NOx into nitrogen (N2). DOC is mainly made up of platinum (Pt) and/or palladium (Pd) and its main function is to oxidize hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO).


The washcoat of an LNT also consists of chemical elements that allow for the adsorption and regeneration of NOx during different phases of engine operation.


The absence of the need for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) injection in the LNT, such as AdBlue®, is also one of the main differences compared to SCR’s.



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Veneporte Advantages

Veneporte Advantages

Developed similar the OEM / OES products

Components (monoliths, filters, blankets, etc.) from OEM / OES Tier 1 suppliers

Materials with high corrosion and thermal fatigue resistance

Use of correct loading levels to obtain emission values similar to those of original parts

100% traceability of all production components

Products 100% tested and homologated

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