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News / 11.2020

EURO 6 range launching

EURO 6 range launching

Veneporte provides to the aftermarket its new Euro 6 references.

All brand distributors will have access to this range, being able to respond to the demand for these products and simultaneously respect the community laws through guaranteed homologation.

In this group of references are included the new Catalytic Converters, Particulate Filters, and especially, the SCR systems (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

The SCR’s are the most recent emission control systems, whose installation is fundamental to fulfill the emissions goals required by the EURO 6 norm. The SCR’s treat and reduce the nitrogen oxides (NOx) contained in the exhaust gases, converting them into nitrogen (N), water vapor (H2O), and small quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2). The SCR system is an efficient and effective solution, capable of reducing NOx emissions by more than 90%.

Concerning the main change that occurred in the Euro 6 norm compared to the Euro 5 norm, we can point out the huge diminution of the maximum limits allowed of NOx in Diesel engines (0,06 g/Kg vs 0,18 g/Kg).

In the sequence of its strategy, Veneporte continues in the first row of the development of more technologically demanding emission control solutions, meeting the new directives/legislations, but also, the best technical and technological solutions used in the sector. This way, Veneporte can attend to its customers’ new needs.

The next months will surely be important regarding the development and homologation of new references, significantly extending the Euro 6 range.