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News / 06.2019

IAM exhausts market in Portugal led by Veneporte

IAM exhausts market in Portugal led by Veneporte

It was recently performed a study about IAM Brands Notoriety in Portugal for automobile components, where Veneporte stood out in the category of Exhausts, Catalytic Converters, and Diesel Particulate Filters.

About 150 garages made part of this study, answering questions related to Brand Notoriety (presence of the brand in the customer's mind), Penetration Rate (percentage of customers that bought the product at least one time), and Market Share (percentage of the market owned by the brand in the sector).

Regarding the Notoriety, Veneporte is the first choice of the respondents, surpassing Fonos, the brand with the biggest notoriety in Spain. 

Related to Penetration Rate, the evaluation is done through the identification of the main supplier of each respondent. Veneporte was identified as the main supplier of most of the garages, and assumes itself as the brand with the biggest Penetration Rate, ahead of Fonos and Walker.

Concerning the Market Share, it's taking into count the Penetration Rate and the dimension of the respondent garage. Of all the study’s objects, this is the most important, once it translates the impact and dimension that each brand has in the market. The results of this inquiry demonstrate that Veneporte is the leading brand, with the biggest market share, staying ahead of Walker and Fonos.

The analysis of the statistical data indicates that Veneporte is the IAM brand with the biggest impact and best performance in the national exhausts, catalytic converters, and diesel particulate filters aftermarket, a product of the commercial strategies adopted based on sustainable measures, which enables Veneporte to be more and more the reference brand in the sector.