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News / 02.2023

Veneporte assumes the leadership in the EURO 6 IAM offer

Veneporte assumes the leadership in the EURO 6 IAM offer

Veneporte, a company dedicated to the development, production and, sale of exhaust and emission control systems for motor vehicles, starts the year 2023 with a significant expansion of its range of products with EURO 6 technology, with special relevance in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) solutions. This reinforcement of the range allows the company to take the lead in offering EURO 6 products for the IAM market.

In this sense, Veneporte makes available in the first quarter of 2023 an important number of references, which include new references of Catalytic Converters (CATs), Particulate Filters (DPFs), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCRs) and Lean NOx Trap (LNTs). This new group of references is associated with more than 500 new applications.

The SCRs are an emission control system whose proper functioning is essential to meet the emission targets required by the EURO 6 standard. The SCR`s treat and reduce the NOx existing in the exhaust gases, converting them into nitrogen (N), water vapor (H20), and small amounts of CO2. SCR systems are a very efficient and effective solution capable of reducing NOx emissions to values close to 100%.

The impacts of nitrogen oxides (NOx) are visible in the smog and the typical brown clouds that often cover some cities and that cause poor air quality for their inhabitants. NOx emissions also contribute to the creation of acid rain and the formation of ozone at ground level, harming ecosystems, animal and plant life and having highly harmful consequences for human health, hence the importance of its proper functioning.

Veneporte continues to be at the forefront and increasingly committed to the development of technologically demanding solutions suitable for real control of emissions, always in accordance with the directives/legislation in force, as well as respecting the associated environmental and public health issues to this type of products.

The approval and 100% validation of this new range of products by bodies accredited for the purpose, the guarantee of fitting, performance, and durability will certainly be a strong factor of confidence and reinforcement of the image of the Veneporte brand.

This strategy to expand the EURO 6 range will certainly also contribute significantly to the continued growth of the company's turnover, which in the last two years has averaged more than 25%/year, as well as to the strengthening of its notoriety.