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News / 05.2021

Veneporte expands its Euro 6 product range

Veneporte expands its Euro 6 product range

Veneporte, a company dedicated to the development, production, and commercialization of emissions control systems for automobile vehicles, expands its product range that complies with the Euro 6 directives.

After making available to the aftermarket a set of catalytic converters for petrol engines, now follows a new diesel particulate filters group.

This new range of diesel particulate filters has applications that respect the strict Euro 6 standards, ensuring the whole set of technological requirements of the legal directives and respecting the environmental and public health issues. Beyond that, it is also guaranteed a direct fit assembling, quality, and durability, as the original part.

Another characteristic of this range is the fact that it is 100% homologated and validated by the European organisms, an aspect that has been a mandatory condition and brand image of Veneporte products.

Veneporte makes available in all reference the SiC and Cordierite version.

With this range extension, Veneporte demonstrates, once again, to be attentive to the market evolution and its needs, positioning itself in the pole position of the exhaust systems and emissions control sector.