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News / 07.2019

Veneporte is finalist of the Grands Prix Internationaux de l’Innovation Automobile (GPIIA) 2019

Veneporte is finalist of the Grands Prix Internationaux de l’Innovation Automobile (GPIIA) 2019

They are already known: the nominees for the final phase of the International Grand Prix for Automotive Innovation of EquipAuto, one of the highlight moments of the international automobile fair EquipAuto Paris 2019.

This year's edition of IGPAI counted with the delivery of 153 application dossiers, a record number, that by itself, translates the dynamic of the participating brands, as well as the attraction of this automobile saloon and the Grand Prix.

It was up to the jury, composed of 42 journalists of the specialty, to elect the 5 finalists for each of the 7 categories: first fit equipment; pieces, equipment, and replacement components; reparation, maintenance and garage equipment; pneumatics, equipment and behind the wheel services; bodywork painting; lubes, cleaning products, washing and service areas; services for professionals and connected mobility services.

Veneporte is one of the nominated finalists in the category “Pieces, equipment and replacement components”, by presenting the development of the SCRs systems (Selective Catalytic Reduction), an important exhaust system component in the emissions control for Diesel vehicles, enabling the treatment and reduction of NOx (Nitrogen Oxide), introduced by the EURO 6 norm for new cars in 2015 and now finally available for the IAM.

The SCRs are the result of the constant concerns in the environmental aspects and public health. The development of greener solutions is one of Veneporte focuses, an aspect that didn't go unnoticed by the jury.

For this development, Veneporte counted on the collaboration of various international partners, among them, Faurecia Service and Umicore. Faurecia Service will offer its own SCR systems in its Easy2Fit product line.

The winner of each category will be known on the 11th of September and the awards deliver on the 15th of October, during the Gala Dinner of EquipAuto Paris 2019.