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News / 03.2023

Veneporte On Tour´23

Veneporte On Tour´23

During the month of March, Veneporte started its most recent marketing initiative with its customers, the Veneporte ON TOUR´23 roadshow.

The Veneporte ON TOUR´23 project was developed with the aim of making it possible, on an itinerant basis, to present its range of products and differentiating characteristics at customer events, with particular emphasis on the components of the hot part of the exhaust system (KAT´s – Catalytic Converters, DPF's – Diesel Particulate Filters, SCR's - Selective Catalytic Reduction and LNT's - Lean NOx Trap).

This exhibition can be adapted according to the needs and specificities of each event, since it was developed through a set of modular structures that can occupy an area between 20m2 and 80m2.

The first stop of the Veneporte ON TOUR´23 roadshow took place at an event in the Netherlands and, by the end of the year, the calendar will already be practically filled with dates in countries such as Austria, Germany, Czechia, France, and Spain, still being negotiated presence in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia.

“Our customers will be able to use Veneporte ON TOUR´23 in the most varied types of their own events – such as internal fairs, kick-off and sales initiatives, technical training actions – or in external events in which they participate with a stand/presence at specific fairs in this sector of activity, where our range of products is demonstrated.” – says Pedro Bastos, marketing manager at Veneporte.