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News / 03.2019

Veneporte takes stock of 2018 and prospects 2019

Veneporte takes stock of 2018 and prospects 2019

At the end of another year, Veneporte takes a very positive view of its activity, forecasting to close 2018 growing, both in the domestic market and in terms of exports.

In 2018, Veneporte assertively responded to the market demands, cementing its position as a supplier of excellence by launching its first SiC particulate filter references.

The national company also achieved a strong start on supplying the Northern European market (with particular emphasis on Denmark) and saw a very positive development in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Also, the emergence of a new and important distributor in Italy, FTS, dedicated exclusively to the components of the hot part of the system (catalytic converters and particulate filters), contributed to the recorded dynamics.

Still, in the field of highlights, Veneporte underlines its first participation with Faurecia in Automechanika Frankfurt 2018, which served as the stage for the presentation of the Easy2Fit project to the German market.

Regarding 2019, despite the already announced slowdown in economic growth, as well as the expected contraction of production by OEMs, Veneporte looks at the following year in a very positive way.

The continuous improvement of businesses and partnerships established in northern and central Europe, the recovery of the Spanish market, the growth in the German market, and the evolution of the Easy2Fit project are aspects that make the national company face 2019 with confidence.

In terms of news, Veneporte highlights the launch of the first SCR references, as well as a new range of Euro 6 applications.